Friday, January 27, 2017

Bitch, I'm a Unicorn!

Need I say more? I feel like this hot neon pink polish by Night Owl Lacquer does the talking for me. Last Saturday during the women's marches around the world, I felt the urge to put this beauty on. It's feminine and fierce, and that's how I'm feeling right now!

Lindsey created this polish for her birthday, and it's now part of the core line. So you don't need to panic if you feel compelled to make this polish your own. Though I'm lucky enough to do a lot of swatching for Night Owl Lacquer, this one I did purchase myself, I mean I just had to have it! You guys know pink isn't generally my thing, but this one really had the right attitude and complexity to appeal to my unusual taste. I've shown the shade here with two easy coats and topcoat; it's a beautiful neon hot pink jelly/crelly base with iridescent glitters and black shreds. Have you ever seen anything like this one? I think it's pretty unique!

Naturally my mani echoed the feelings of the day, complete with an angry pussycat. I can only hope this resonates with all of you. It's my promise to my fellow humans that I will always speak up for you and do my part to keep you safe, even if it means confrontation! I love you all. 

If you want to do your own fiercely feminine, I mean human... mani, I found these images on MoYou London Punk 05. There are plenty of other expressive images on the plate as well, including a big skeletal middle finger, if you feel like that better suits how you're feeling so far in 2017. Talk to all of you warriors soon. 


  1. Nice. Love statement nails! I showed that middle finger to 2016, lol!

  2. Perfect polish, perfect post, perfect position. ;)