Friday, January 27, 2017

Bitch, I'm a Unicorn!

Need I say more? I feel like this hot neon pink polish by Night Owl Lacquer does the talking for me. Last Saturday during the women's marches around the world, I felt the urge to put this beauty on. It's feminine and fierce, and that's how I'm feeling right now!

Lindsey created this polish for her birthday, and it's now part of the core line. So you don't need to panic if you feel compelled to make this polish your own. Though I'm lucky enough to do a lot of swatching for Night Owl Lacquer, this one I did purchase myself, I mean I just had to have it! You guys know pink isn't generally my thing, but this one really had the right attitude and complexity to appeal to my unusual taste. I've shown the shade here with two easy coats and topcoat; it's a beautiful neon hot pink jelly/crelly base with iridescent glitters and black shreds. Have you ever seen anything like this one? I think it's pretty unique!

Naturally my mani echoed the feelings of the day, complete with an angry pussycat. I can only hope this resonates with all of you. It's my promise to my fellow humans that I will always speak up for you and do my part to keep you safe, even if it means confrontation! I love you all. 

If you want to do your own fiercely feminine, I mean human... mani, I found these images on MoYou London Punk 05. There are plenty of other expressive images on the plate as well, including a big skeletal middle finger, if you feel like that better suits how you're feeling so far in 2017. Talk to all of you warriors soon. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Winter Blues Trio

After a serious delay brought to you by the USPS and my general wanderlust, I bring you the Night Owl Lacquer Winter Blues Trio! Actually I have two Night Owl Lacquer posts lined up but I have to stay focused. Playing with these icy shades reminded me of the best parts of winter, and definitely gave me some much needed inspiration for nail art. Check it out below because they are currently available for purchase and pretty freakin magical!

In my opinion the best part of Winter Wonderland is the ethereal blue shimmer that I completely failed to capture in most of my photos, haha. Thank goodness for macros! I'm showing it here with two coats, though you might need three depending on your nail length and application style. I found this formula to be so smooth and easy to work with, especially for a white crelly. It's also full of bright blue micro glitter and shreds. I love this shade and white winter crellies in general, I can never stop myself from buying them.

Before I even looked at the label Frozen in Time reminded me of cracked ice. The silver and blue micro flakes give this shimmer a ton of dimension. This was an easy two coats with a lovely formula!

Midnight Snowfall really stole my heart, it's so deep and sparkly! This scatter holo with white/silver micro flake and a blackened blue jelly base has a formula that is easy to work with and opaque in two coats! I think a lot of you will fall for this one too!

Okay so all these icy polishes and this particular snowflake stamp were giving me major Fantasia slash Nutcracker vibes! I made some simple decals with a quick stripe of Bling it New Year from the Holiday Collection and two gorgeous shimmery stamping polishes by Hit the Bottle; Poolparty and I Blue it all on Polish... teehee. Oh yeah and this fantastic image is from Creative Shop 29!

This is my kind of winter wonderland! It doesn't get any better than spotting one of these beautiful little guys in the occasional Memphis snow. I have to daydream about the birch trees though, haha. Anyway, I have got to hand it to √úberChic Beauty for this layering image from collection 12. I totally butchered it but you can barely tell, and that's my kind of user friendly! I am quite proud of the trees themselves though, which I created by dragging my liner brush and MdU Dark Grey through the MdU White smeared onto the plate. With only one or two scrapes you get a very natural looking marbled coloring! So fun! The cardinals are stamped using Painted Polish Stamped in Brick. I have been collecting as many of Lexi's stamping polishes as I possibly can lately. They are just so fantastic!

Well, it's been a while so I hope I haven't left out anything important and even more so I hope you guys are as delighted to finally see some nail art as I am to be sharing it with you. It might not look like it from the blogging world, but I've had a pretty productive 2017 so far and I am looking forward to more regular posting this this year! It's going to be fun hanging together. Talk to all of you soon. Oh and one more thing, if you want more of Lindsay's polishes in your life, be sure to join the Night Owl Lacquer Facebook group for updates and other surprises. It seems like she's always got something awesome in the works!