Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Decor Unhas Romantica Nail Art

Beautometry also sent me another awesome plate from Decor Unhas, and I just have to say wow. Romantica 2 is a massive plate covered in butterflies, art nouveau magic and tons of flora! Right up my street, I took a few photos of my favorite designs.

The plate measures a whopping 5.25 by 7.5 inches with most images measuring about 1.25 by 1.5 inches, quite large! The best part for me, though, was that I could use various pieces of one large image over all my nails and get a great mani out of it! That's what I did for this first look!

I started with an olive green base and used the beautiful holo flakie topper, Magnificent (H) by Fun Lacquer to create a 'field of flowers' looking background and stamped these black eyed susans and butterflies using Hit The Bottle The Yolk is on You and Burnt Orange. I dotted the centers of the flowers with Zoya Katherine to give them some dimension. This is a really busy look, but I love it anyway. Fear not though, if it's a little much for you, my next look is a bit more tame!

I used two more Hit the Bottle polishes over Powder Perfect Borders of the Forest in a lovely gradient stamp with these beautiful roses. These are two shifty shades called Be-cider Self and Champagne Shifter, both have a lot of dimension due to the unique pigments.

I've got to say I really love the Decor Unhas plates that Beautometry has sent me so far, Romantica 2 is especially versatile and fun to use! I will be doing a follow up post using this plate really soon, so look out for more beautiful images. In the mean time, this plate is on sale for $7.00 this week at Beautometry, and you really can't beat that value for these amazing images so check it out if you can. I can't wait to share more with you!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beautometry Indies Swatch and Review

I have swatches of two incredible polishes to share with you all today from Beautometry! They've been one of my favorite stockists since I first started polishing and my go to for hard to find favorites like Femme Fatale and Hit the Bottle. Right now though, I am dying to show you this amazing shade of green by Powder Perfect that was love at first coat!

Borders of the Forest is an ethereal hunter green with blue, gold/green flecks, and linear holo throughout. You guys, I couldn't take this shade off of my nails! Absolutely magical, my pictures can't do it justice. Not to mention the formula, this is just two thin coats and it was an absolute dream to apply.

Next up, my very first F.U.N. Lacquer! I couldn't be more excited to show you Magnificence (H). This is an iridescent flakie topper with added holo that looks incredible over any shade. It's like opals in a bottle! To prove it I've shown it over four different colors, you'll see you can't go wrong with this incredible topper.

This is just one coat, and that green, yellow to red shift is just so loud! Don't be surprised when you see some teal or violet here and there, too. This was another shade I didn't know I needed until I got it in my little polished hands! What do you guys think of these? If you want to give them a try Beautometry is having a week long sale on these and a huge list of other brands, be sure to check them out. I will be back in no time with nail art featuring these shades and a few other Beautometry goodies! See you soon!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Square Hue Scuba Hawaii

Whew, it's been way too long right? Well the good news is I can still do some pretty sweet nail art when I put my mind to it, especially with the right inspiration! I came home from my trip to this beautiful August 2016 box from Square Hue!

This is the Scuba Hawaii box from the adventure collection, all three shades have different finishes and Hawaiian names with unique meanings! I can't wait to show you guys my nail art, so let's just get right into the swatches! I've shown them all with one coat of Topped with Love by Shop Love Angeline, my new favorite topcoat.

This is 3 coats of Nani, in Hawaiian this name means 'beautiful' and oh my goodness is it ever! This vintage looking shade of coral cream has an ember like glow from the subtle gold shimmer, the word sizzling comes to mind! I love absolutely love it! Excellent formula that applied like a dream, I think this would be a two coater for most of you out there.

Ikaika means STRONG and I really love that name for this saturated lilac cream! This is only two thin coats and the formula is perfection! None of that streaking or gooping that you sometimes get with highly pigmented creams. I'm terrible at picking favorites but this could be the one from this month's box!

I think the only time I have ever worn a chrome polish was as an accent nail, so you know that these are definitely not my go to. I am a messy painter and avoiding brush strokes is really hard for me! Thankfully this one wasn't too bad and in the end it's totally worth it for the color! Akamai means intelligent or witty, and this playful shade totally makes me think of mischievous mermaids! I used 3 coats here and I really like way this polish looks built up a bit. I used this swatch as a watery background for my first nail art look, and for both of these I used Mundo de Uñas Bones to stamp.

Four pics? A new pose? You know I must be feeling this nail art! I even took a macro of my reverse stamping, what is going on here?! Anyway, this feather worm stamp from MoYou London Sailor 08 has been on my list of must use images for ages now. These wonderful little tube dwellers are my favorite reef critters. For the accent nail I freehanded (seriously, whaaat?) a stripe of Ikaika over Nani for some visual interest, and stamped a coral pattern from BM-501. 

This look, while a bit less whimsical, is no less interesting! It reminds me a beautiful antique woven blanket, and that strip of chrome adds so much magic! I reverse stamped this image from Curali 12, and again I attempted a guided freehand of these chevrons using the image as a template, this has to be one of my all time favs! Which of these looks is your favorite? What would you create with these shades? Well you might have a chance to show me! If you head over to Square Hue's Instagram page they're giving away 5 of these boxes! Don't miss out on my favorite subscription box!