Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SquareHue Celebrate Freedom America

After I shared last month's SquareHue Adventure Collection box with you, I was stoked to hear that they wanted to send me July's as well! At first glance it's a red, white and blue box, which makes perfect sense! But upon further inspection there's a lot more going on that is going to be really exciting regardless of the season! My favorite shade in the box is Fireworks, a berry red jelly loaded with holographic micro glitter, shown here with only two coats.

I prefer this squishy look but you could add a third coat to deepen the color or hide more of the (barely visible) nail line! This had a fantastic formula that went on easily, wasn't sticky like jellies can be, and dried pretty smoothly for a glitter! Not at all a topcoat eater, I only used one thin coat of it here. I was surprised to find this finish in a subscription box, and I absolutely love the Adventure Collection's tendency toward bold and unique colors! Definitely very me! I was also surprised by the next shade, Independence! I read that this was a navy creme but in my opinion it's got more of a crelly finish which I absolutely love! I show it here with two coats but again you could build up for a full creme finish.

I just can't get over that squishy feel and those green undertones in this unusual navy! The last shade in the box is another stunner called Stars. A tough one to describe, but I would have to say it's a dove white with pink undertones and beautiful iridescent green shimmer that while camera shy, is pretty noticeable in person. I will be using this as a nail art base all the time! Like most white polishes, this was a three coater, but the formula was excellent with no streaks or gooping!

Hopefully you can see that shimmer a bit in the macro! Even though this is only my second box I feel like I can safely say SquareHue does a great job putting these together. Each one is like perfect mini collection and I always feel compelled to use them together. I started with a simple, everyday striped look that was intended as just a base, but I had to stop and photograph it because I thought it was perfectly fabulous on its own!

Again I am smitten with those squishy finishes, especially over the white base. I made the stripes with striping tape on my mat, but since I can never leave well enough alone I added some cute nail art over top!

The stamping polish here is Hit the Bottle I Blue It All On Polish, haha, and those cute little flowers are from √úberChic Beauty Collection 6! The second look I created with this box was directly inspired by all of your beautiful negative space manis on Instagram this past week! I was completely blown away and had been brainstorming a few different ideas when I settled on another striped look.

It finally came together after I found a picture of a striped leather clutch, but in the end it reminds me of the state fair in the summer! Either way I really enjoyed showing off some skin. Again I created these using striping tape on my mat! What sort of looks would you create with this box? Let me know in the comments and I will see you guys soon!


  1. Oh my word, these polishes are amazing! I want them all! I'm especially impressed with the dark blue, how did they manage to create a dark blue that's nothing like the dark blues I already have? And of course your designs are gorgeous too!

  2. Wow, another winning combo of polishes...color me impressed. ;) I like both of your designs, but the second one really grabs my attention. Nice job!!

  3. Love that red jelly! Gorgeous art work with it.