Thursday, June 16, 2016

Texture Thursday ft Nicole Diary

I have another set of Nicole Diary decals to share with you today, and I have paired them a textured polish again! Deborah Lippman I Wanna Be Sedated is probably the stuff of most people's nail polish nightmares, but to me it's pretty much the new polish love of my life! You know I love my textures and this murky mustard is my perfect shade.

I thought these pretty wildflowers were the perfect accent to go with the antique feel of this texture. It's basically a glorified swatch but boy did I love it. I also took a macro of the decal because it was just so pretty!

These decals were just as easy to use as the first set I tried out, but I did learn something this time! If you keep them wet while repositioning it, you can avoid any air bubbles and damage to the decal. I hope that helps any of you that have been struggling with water decals. Another thing to note about this set is that the top row had a transparent background, which worked nicely over my pale grey base, but the bottom row was actually white and opaque. I am sure both could be useful! I am having a lot of fun coordinating these with my polishes and I still have a few more to share, so I'll see you guys soon! You can find Nicole Diary on AliExpress or Amazon, and if you leave my code Jus2016 in the notes of your order they'll send you a free gift!

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  1. That DL polish is to die for!! OK - not literally, but I lurve it!! So worth being the feature instead of the accent! ;)