Thursday, June 16, 2016

Born Pretty Boho

I have two Born Pretty Store plates that I am so excited to share with you today because I have actually been lusting after them since I first started stamping! I am talking about BP77 Negative Space (you already know why I love this one), and BP80 Lotus Birds.

Even the small plates come in those gorgeous little sleeves and these images picked up like champs! There were so many that I wanted to use on the the Lotus Birds plate, so I did a simple coloring book style mani to show off my favorites.

This plate is full of lovely florals and foliage with this cute little bird right in the middle of everything. I really wanted a soft and muted look here so I went for my own home made, in-between colored jellies along with Jennifer and Monica by CCNP. The base polish is Zoya Genesis, I love seeing the shimmer peek through those sheer colors. Everything you see here was first pick up, and even the fine lines transferred nicely to my nail!

I used the Negative Space plate, BP77 for this look! I can't get enough of the geometric sexiness on this plate, the possiblities are endless! Again we have flawless, first try transfers. What I love about this plate is that every image on it can be mixed and matched together to create either very classic or very funky looks, and it does have some great negative space images. The polishes here are two fabulous indies from the Positive Vibes collection by Polished for Days. Kalon is a nude crelly with color shifiting blue microflake and pink/purple shimmer with a sparkle of delicate holo, it's definitely my favorite nude of all time. I always have my eyes out for souped up neutrals and this not only fits the bill but exceeds my expectations. It pairs so nicely with Novaturient, another crelly but this one a dusty blue with iridescent glass flakes and a bit of holo magic. I think these combine for a very accessible Summer look, while still being unique and fun. These plates would be an awesome addition to anyone's collection and they're a great value in my opinion. I know I will be reaching for that geo plate over and over! Let me know what you guys think and feel free to use my code JUSQ10 on any full priced items at Born Pretty Store. See you soon!


  1. I love both of these manis! What do you use to make the jellies? I'm considering trying out nail polish thinner on some polishes to make them sheer.

    1. I have never tried that method, sounds interesting!!! I actually used a video by Cassis P. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram if you don't already know of her. I used Adirondack Alcohol Inks available at craft and hobby stores or online, and cheap drugstore clear polish. The inks come in so many colors and you can blend them to make your own. Though the bottles are a bit pricey, you will never, ever run out because you only need a couple dozen drops to make the jellies. In the end it's a good investment I think, especially when a single indie jelly is around ten bucks here. I have my fair share of those too, but I like to use these for leadlighting and save my indies for jelly sandwiches. Thank you Lili!

    2. I almost forgot to check back for your reply - thanks so much for all this info!