Friday, April 15, 2016


Every month I do a challenge on Instagram hosted by @clairestelle8. I really love the prompts she comes up with and her fantastic sense of humor keeps it fun while allowing for any sort of wild interpretation I could ever come up with! For the Cities prompt I almost went with an enchanted unicorn city, I will have to get back to that at a later time. If you are inspired before I get around to it, tag me so that I can see! For now I did this mani inspired by my home town of San Diego.

I spent most of my life there and although it's a desert you can always count on the beauty of the palms and the bougainvillea, they were the inspiration for this mani, which I absolutely LOVE! It might look a little familiar as I kind of borrowed the formula from my Water mani, a previous prompt pre-blog days, down to the ILNP jelly pinky! That is Jello Shot by the way, from the new Spring Jellies collection. I am not ashamed because I'm loving the skittlette mani style and as @bravesdivanails would say, I do what I want! I think it's different enough and this time I added stamping over all my nails. For the rest of the manicure I turned to Zoya. They do greens really well, and greens are my favorite. This is Jace and Hunter sponged into a gradient and stamped with Mundo de Uñas Grinch, it's one I have been turning to a lot lately, just working out that way! I guess it's my perfect green when it comes to stamping polishes. On my index finger I used Zoya Spencer, which happens to be my perfect nude shade. I come back to this one time and time again as well. Here it's been stamped with MDU Piñon using an image from ÜberChic Beauty Collection 1. I seriously love all of ÜCs pattern images and their corresponding accents, it's one of the main reasons I was attracted to the plates in the first place and I don't use them enough. I absolutely plan to change that and this was a direct result of that effort. Can't forget the macro! 

I have had my home town on the brain a lot lately as I am leaving to go back for a visit in just one short week! I have so many family members and friends to see, the excitement is getting more and more intense. It's also a massive beer city and I can't wait to have myself a few brews at some of the best places to get them! Stone Brewing is not only delicious, its gardens are exceptionally beautiful. I am seriously looking forward to hitting my my favorite farmers market, getting some corn on the cob with Tajin and cotija cheese, and trying all the foods slash buying all the pretties. Other things I can't wait for include: waffle ice cream sandwiches on the sea wall, hiking the bluffs in La Jolla, and MEXICAN FOOD! Yeah... Mexican food.

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  1. I sure hope you got eat all your favourite foods whilst back in your original home town Justine! I still LOVE this mani so much! It's just so beautiful and perfectly stamped. I have a palm in my house, and a bougainvillaea outside ^_^