Friday, December 2, 2016

Night Owl Lacquer Holiday Collection

Press Sample

I have another incredible Night Owl Lacquer collection from Lindsay to share with you this evening! These are launching a bit later tonight so check below for important details, including a little something about a discount code. We should get to these polishes though because after you've scrolled through all this gorgeousness I think you'll be pretty anxious to find out!

I've been swatching for Lindsay since Night Owl's first release and I continue to be impressed by her interesting mixes and consistent formula. Every shade is good to go in a perfect two coats and application has always been a joy. Not surprisingly, these have been more of the same so I won't bore you with a summary after each swatch. 

Bling It New Year reminds me of tinsel and is one of the sparkliest and most reflective silver polishes in my collection! It's packed with a unique mix of silver holographic glitters and shreds, and white micro flakes. It's shown here with three coats, but as you can see in the next set of pictures two is all you need! Whether it makes you think of tinsel or disco balls, you'll love how different this one is!

Twinkling Lights is my favorite polish in the Holiday Collection, hands down; and possibly my favorite glitter topper of all time! A super complex and colorful mix of silver, red and green holo micro glitters, holographic rainbow glitter and crystal rainbow glitter, and rainbow iridescent micro glitter. Woah, that's a mouthful, but who cares? Look at it! Admittedly I lost my mind and put this over literally everything, so... enjoy the extra photos! Here I have one coat over two of Bling It New Year. Lindsay says this one was inspired by one of her favorite Christmastime activities, driving around looking at everyone's lights! This brings back so many fond memories for me of doing the same with my fam over the years! Not only that, Twinkling lights... Stranger Things! There will be a mani later!

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe is Christmas in a bottle! This candy apple red shimmer is loaded with red holographic micro glitter and green/gold iridescent glitter. Another unique and complex mix that is just so glowy!

Sugarplum Dreams is a magical blurple shade that I think will be a favorite for many of you. It's got a ton of bright glowy violet shimmer, iridescent micro glitter and white micro flakes. Just check out the macro of this one, I mean... woah.

And of course another fantastic green from Lindsay, My Love For You Is Evergreen, a shimmery green polish with gold color shifting flecks, green micro flake and green holo micro glitter. The flashes of aqua in this shade are totally mesmerizing and definitely give it a lot of character! I added Twinkling Lights and it looked just like a Christmas tree!

For the first look using this collection I used ÜberChic Beauty Christmas 01 and Mundo de Uñas Lime to do a kind of funky vintage Christmas skittlette paying homage to my new favorite polish, Twinkling Lights! I used Bling It New Year, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe and of course My Love For You Is Evergreen here as well.

I thought I would go opposite traditional Christmas shades for this one and get a bit icy cold with Bling It New Year and Sugarplum Dreams! I stamped these cute little stocking and ornaments from BundleMonster in Mundo de Uñas Sky Blue.

I'm a best for last kind of girl and I could have worn this here mani for ages. Yet another reason I love Twinkling Lights is how gorgeous it looks over white polish with those crystal glitters. Oh my gah... I could just gaze into the kaleidoscope of color forever. I used my favorite negative space snowflake stamp with Mundo de Uñas White for this simple mani. 

That was a ton of photos, I know, but I really wanted to share with you guys how cool these polishes are! Now, the important details; they launch tonight at 10pm MST on There is a discount code available for members of the fan group Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up! Follow the link and join, not just to save cash but to keep an eye on this new brand. Great things are happening! Let me know your favorites and any thoughts you have in the comments! Love you guys, see you soon.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Square Hue Gondola Venice Box

First off I have to thank you sweet and patient people who are still with me after this hiatus! I have missed home so much, especially hanging with you guys. It's taken me a while to get settled back in so I can't tell you how excited I am to be posting this, but I won't make you wait any longer. I finally was able to get into October's Square Hue box; it was waiting for me when I got home, and it's sooo beautiful!

I know I rave about each one of these boxes but I truly enjoy the thoughtful shade combinations and I find them super inspiring for nail art. No exception with Gondola Venice! And I know I rave about the formula every month too, but these two coaters were a delight to apply and left me with very little clean up to do. Woot! They dried to a nice, glossy finish but Topped with Love is my jam and all swatches are shown topcoated. 

Santa Maria del Giglio is a wonderful, warm taupe leaning grey cream polish that I know I am going to come back to again and again. I can never have enough greys and this one is definitely different!

Canal Grande is a serene and beautiful dusty teal with iridescent shimmer you can catch best in the macro. It's one of those shades that makes me feel things and yet another reason I love October's box!

Okay you guys know I am not in love with reds, but Campo San Moisé is a very warm, brick red jelly that just looked so beautiful and glossy on the nail! 

You can see the versatility of Campo San Moisé in this Venice nail art, it looks like berry juice sponged over the roses! This one is a recreation of a mani done by the amazing and crazy talented @ladyandthe_stamp. I have been in love with Debbie's version of this mani since she first created it and I thought with the cobblestone paths and a little sponging it could easily be Venice. I mattified everything but took a glossy macro for that up close clarity.

This look was inspired by a Venetian mask that belongs to a close friend. I thought this velvety collection worked perfectly to create an ornate feel and it was a good chance to get glossy again. I've been in that mood lately! What do you guys think, did I finally get my mojo back? Let's hope so because I have a ton of swatching and nail art to share with you all very soon! See you then.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Night Owl Lacquer Witchcraft and Wizardry Collection

Press Sample

You guys, this is probably the coolest post I have ever done! Even though I haven't read the entirety of the series or seen all of the movies, I have so many friends that are huge Harry Potter fans; so when Lindsay asked me if I would be interested in swatching this collection and doing some nail art for you guys I was totally pumped! I really hope you Potterheads out there who also happen to beherenail enjoy what I have put together in this post, I was thinking of you the whole time!

First, the polishes! I was seriously stunned opening this swatch pack. You might remember how gorgeous the Halloween Trio from Night Owl Lacquer was, well I love this one even more! 

Snowy Owl is a white crelly with loaded with gold shimmer, gold micro flake and gunmetal flake. Shown here with two coats and Topped with Love by Shop Love Angeline. This polish looks so much like actual feathers I could not stop talking about it, my poor hubby, he's such a doll! This one is inspired by Hedwig and is definitely one of my favorite's from the collection, that gold shimmer is just magical. I had no issues with the formula and application was a breeze! In fact, let me just say right now that all of these were perfect two coaters with no fussing necessary. All of Lindsay's polishes have been a joy to use so far!

What's Fluffy Guarding? is a deep red jelly base with copper holo micro glitters and red micro flake. Shown here with two coats and Topped with Love by Shop Love Angeline. You guys know I am not crazy about red polish but this Sorcerer's Stone inspired vampy beauty has stolen my heart! I love all of the different pigments layered into that jelly base, it gives it so much interest, and the almost earthy tone of the red really does it for me! 

Oh my goodness, another AMAZING green from Lindsay! I lost my mind over Witch's Brew from the Halloween Trio and Forbidden Forest is even more amazing. She just really knows how to make a sexy green! Moving on... This is a dark, shimmery green with copper & gold holo micro glitters and gold holo shreds. Shown here with two coats and Topped with love by Shop Love Angeline, this shade is inspired by all the magical things that go on in the forest and let me tell you it is magical indeed! Another super complex polish, I feel like it dances on my nails!

Always is a black jelly polish loaded with violet and iridescent rainbow flakies.  Shown here with two coats and Topped with Love by Shop Love Angeline. Lindsay tells me this one was inspired by Snape and the spirit of this word as it is used in the book. I know this one is going to pull on the heartstrings of fans because it even managed to get to me a bit. I kept replaying that moment over and over again in my head, along with Alan Rickman's quote... Ugh... Lindsay why you do this?! 

Goblins Love Gold is a bright and shimmery shade of gold, with gold holo shreds and multi sized gold holo glitters. There are some square glitters in there as well that I think really make this one fun! Shown here with two coats and Topped with Love by Shop Love Angeline. When I saw this in the bottle I wasn't sure it would really be my jam but you know what, I was wrong. It's absolutely awesome and a blast to wear, just try not to blind anyone with the next level bling!

A.P.W.B.D. is a medium grey crelly loaded with ethereal blue shimmer and blue micro flake. Shown here with two coats and Topped with Love by Shop Love Angeline. My absolute favorite polish in the collection that immediately got bumped into the top five of my all time favorite grey polishes list. Yeah, I have one of those! The shimmer and flakes together make the blue glow so powerful, it makes me think of magical energy radiating from within! Seriously, stop laughing at me. I really like this polish!

Now... I can finally show you guys my fandom manis! These are for you so I do hope that you enjoy them. I know how passionate we are about the things we love and the things that are meaningful to us, so I really tried to do justice to the source material! 

For this phoenix feather nail art inspired by Dumbledore I used his polish, the beautiful A.P.W.B.D., and reverse stamped feathers from ÜberChic Beauty's Fabulous Feathers mini plate using Mundo de Uñas Reddish and Sunflower in a random gradient stamp. I filled in using two more polishes from the Witchcraft and Wizardry collection, What's Fluffy Guarding? and Goblins Love Gold. I got a little aggressive with my application when I was painting these decals so please forgive any thickness you may see! I think this look is perfect for fall, and the sparkle was just unreal in person!

With a polish called Snowy Owl you KNOW there is going to be a Hedwig mani! I am calling this Origins of Hedwig because Harry met him after arriving via Platform 9 3/4 in the first book, which by the way I have actually read, haha! I did an accent nail in What's Fluffy Guarding? and stamped in Mundo de Uñas Gold; the image is from the MoYou London Lingo Collection. Hedwig and his feathers are stamped in MDU Light Grey using Fabulous Feathers once more and Moyra Moments. 

It took me ages to come up with a Forbidden Forest mani, but I was determined to do justice to the polish and the fandom! The result? This Flying Ford Anglia mani using both Forbidden Forest and Always! My flying Ford Anglia can be found on MoYouLondon Back to the 50s 01 and the trees in ÜberChic Beauty Collection 2. I used a number of MDU polishes to stamp this look so please leave me a note in the comments if you would really like to know which ones. I seriously hope this makes you smile, it's my favorite of the bunch!

Lindsay has done an incredible job on her second collection and I am once again super stoked she let me get creative with her polishes! These launch today at, head over to the Instagram page for more details!