Friday, May 5, 2017

Night Owl Lacquer Collapsed Star Release

I'm back with another exciting release from Night Owl Lacquer! This one is only available during a very brief window, so I won't waste too much time getting you the deets! The Polish Pickup Pack has collaborated with our Lindsay for something truly special... and sciencey!

Collapsed Star is inspired by the above image and Lindsay totally nailed it! It's a black polish full of depth and packed with a unique mix of green shimmer, black holo micro glitter, blue and green galaxy holo glitters and electric blue flakies. I found the formula on this one on the thicker side, but it was a breeze to apply to my tiny little nails and self leveled like a dream! My swatches are the usual two coats with Glisten & Glow HK Girl to smooth things out. 

This beauty is only available through the weekend, so you'll want to head over to the Polish Pickup Pack on Facebook as soon as you can for all of your purchasing info! See you lovelies soon and have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Night Owl Lacquer Light & Bright Collection

I'm back after a long break with another collection from Night Owl Lacquer! The Light & Bright collection is the biggest release yet with six light neon cremes and four special effect toppers, so get ready for a pic heavy post my friends! These bright and happy colors are exactly what we're all ready to put on our nails, and the uplifting names are gonna get you feeling all sorts of sunshiney!

Imagine is a light neon yellow, that perfect highlightery goodness that always looks like it's glowing! I have worked with plenty of neons before and yellows can be streaky and goopy, but this had a beautiful formula that was perfectly opaque in two easy coats. Looove. Are you tired of hearing that yet? Alright, every single one of these cremes went on like a dream in only two coats, we've got that out of the way!

Wish is a light neon green creme that leans so much more minty than my swatches were able to show! It definitely freaked out my camera, haha. This perfect spring shade reminds me of pistachio or mint ice cream, and it's totally elicited a craving out of me! 

Dream is a light neon blue creme that reminds me of the sky on a perfect day, or a beautiful robin's egg blue on neon! This is another shade I can't wait to wear more of!

Believe is a light neon purple creme and I absolutely adore bright, saturated lavender tones like this! Just wait until you see this beauty with one of the toppers. Just you wait!

Persist is a light neon pink creme that makes me think of us gals! Nevertheless we persisted! This eye-searing pink is absolutely epic and is not to be ignored!

Inspire is going to do just that when it comes to my outfits this summer. I am genuinely addicted to wearing bright corals in the summer and this neon is super sizzly. I hope I've managed to show a bit of that despite this shade completely confusing my camera, haha. Neons...That's the last of the creams, but I have layered the first topper over Inspire and I think it's absolutely perfect, so keep scrolling!

Sunshine is full of gold galaxy holo glitters, and I've shown it here with just one coat. I love a topper that can adequately cover in a single coat, that way I don't have to bulk up my mani! This one is just so warm and sparkly!

Moonlight is loaded with silver galaxy holo glitters, and once again covers like a dream in a single coat while still letting that base color shine through. It's perfect to add a little (or a lot) of magic to your neons, or anything else you have for that matter!

How weird and wonderful is this? Light Up The Shadows is a super unique mix of various sizes of matte black & white glitter and opalescent glitters. Again this is just one coat; I didn't have to fuss much with the glitter placement, but alas I am picky so I'm sure I did a little anyway, haha. Anyhow, this one reminds me of sparkly graffiti, while the name really warms my heart!

Last but possibly my favorite of the toppers is It's All Rainbows & Unicorns, a total stunner packed full of various sizes of crystal rainbow shifting flakies. This one is going to look dramatically different depending on the base and I'm so excited to play with it more! 

What do you guys think? I am excited for my first complete set of neons, I almost want to try water marbling now! But really, who am I kidding? I'll stick to my stamping, haha! Since I am a day late getting this up, this collection is currently available on the Night Owl Lacquer site, and my promo code BHN10 is always there for you guys to use! The whole shebang will run you an incredibly reasonable $60, with the cream collection being offered separately for $36, and the toppers at $24. Math is hard but that's only $6 per polish you guys; and if you only want one or two shades, like that crazy gorgeous Believe/It's All Rainbows & Unicorns combo, everything is available individually as well.

It's been so much fun connecting with you guys again! Oh, and if you're wondering where my nail art is, don't fret, check back tomorrow! I thought it would be a great idea to make the blog a bit more user friendly with a filtering function that would allow you to see content that's more relevant to you. If you follow for the nail art, you'll be able to pull up just that; and if you are excited about an upcoming launch you'll be able to filter for swatches and PR. Hope that sounds good to you, I'll be back soon with more to share. Love you, dolls! I mean it!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Night Owl Lacquer Dreaming of Green

Press Sample

It's been a while but I'm back! I know I say this a lot but I truly do have the most exciting thing EVER (in my humble little opinion) to share with you! Lindsay of Night Owl Lacquer has released another stunning collection, but this time they're ALL green! You guys know that green, especially olive, is my favorite color; and Lindsay has created some of the most amazing green polishes I've ever seen for the Dreaming of Green collection! Scroll through for my swatches and nail art; and you'll find all the info you could ever need at the end of this post!

New Beginnings is a rich dark olive loaded with copper shimmer and flakes. It has a beautiful glow from within quality and a fantastic formula! I've shown it here with two coats and topcoat.

Wildflower Meadows is spring in a bottle! This mossy olive shade has a lighter and brighter base than New Beginnings, and it's got the most interesting mix of purple and violet shimmer; with light pink, dark pink and blue holo shreds. I have never seen ANYTHING like this color, and I couldn't begin to contain my audible squee. It's definitely my favorite from the collection and one I think all of my Olive Polish friends will fiend for! Again I've shown it here with two coats and topcoat, and the formula is absolute perfection!

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It is a perfect clover green with a massive amount of subtly shifty micro flakes that go from gold to green, and a generous splash of scattered holo. This one really dances on the nails! Shown with two easy coats and topcoat, it's got that same awesome formula I've come to expect from Lindsay!

My god... Feeling Lucky is so pretty it hurts me! This bright lime green jelly is packed full of iridescent glitters and it's UV reactive so it glows under black lights! You can even leadlight with this one and you know I absolutely love that! This formula was slightly thicker to suspend all those gorgeous glitters, but it's so easy to use and glides right on in two easy coats!

Lastly, renewal is a shimmery mint green loaded with gold micro flake and some loud gold shimmer. I was worried with this light shade I might need more coats, but again I've just used two here! I thought this one would make a perfect base for some nail art.

I just got back from my Southwest road trip and I always have succulents on the brain! Haha. I love these fun and funky images from Curali Stamping, and have been dying to use them! Feeling Lucky made a perfect cactus color and I used Jack-O-Lantern and Bitch I'm a Unicorn for the little potted plant and the flowers. For those of you wondering the stamping colors are Brick and Sorbet by Mundo de Uñas!

And finally in the spirit of the season I bring you the entire Night Owl Lacquer Dreaming of Green Collection in one fabulous mani! Lead lighting and glitter placement on the accent nail, with reverse stamped negative space clover decals. I can't say enough wonderful things about Painted Polish Stamped in Stone, which I used for the accent nail here as well as for my stamping. Stamped in Clay is under Feeling Lucky as well, to add some depth!

I know this collection is going to excite so many of you, especially my ugly-pretty sistahs, so here's what you need to know! The Dreaming in Green launch is this evening at 10pm MST, and the polishes are $9 each, or you can save by ordering the full collection for $42! If you love your greens like I do, it's definitely the way to go. Each one of these are completely magical! You're always welcome to use my code BHN10, to save a little extra on your order as well! Be sure to give me follow here so that you never miss a Night Owl launch. Until next time, my loves!