Monday, August 8, 2016

Square Hue Scuba Hawaii

Whew, it's been way too long right? Well the good news is I can still do some pretty sweet nail art when I put my mind to it, especially with the right inspiration! I came home from my trip to this beautiful August 2016 box from Square Hue!

This is the Scuba Hawaii box from the adventure collection, all three shades have different finishes and Hawaiian names with unique meanings! I can't wait to show you guys my nail art, so let's just get right into the swatches! I've shown them all with one coat of Topped with Love by Shop Love Angeline, my new favorite topcoat.

This is 3 coats of Nani, in Hawaiian this name means 'beautiful' and oh my goodness is it ever! This vintage looking shade of coral cream has an ember like glow from the subtle gold shimmer, the word sizzling comes to mind! I love absolutely love it! Excellent formula that applied like a dream, I think this would be a two coater for most of you out there.

Ikaika means STRONG and I really love that name for this saturated lilac cream! This is only two thin coats and the formula is perfection! None of that streaking or gooping that you sometimes get with highly pigmented creams. I'm terrible at picking favorites but this could be the one from this month's box!

I think the only time I have ever worn a chrome polish was as an accent nail, so you know that these are definitely not my go to. I am a messy painter and avoiding brush strokes is really hard for me! Thankfully this one wasn't too bad and in the end it's totally worth it for the color! Akamai means intelligent or witty, and this playful shade totally makes me think of mischievous mermaids! I used 3 coats here and I really like way this polish looks built up a bit. I used this swatch as a watery background for my first nail art look, and for both of these I used Mundo de Uñas Bones to stamp.

Four pics? A new pose? You know I must be feeling this nail art! I even took a macro of my reverse stamping, what is going on here?! Anyway, this feather worm stamp from MoYou London Sailor 08 has been on my list of must use images for ages now. These wonderful little tube dwellers are my favorite reef critters. For the accent nail I freehanded (seriously, whaaat?) a stripe of Ikaika over Nani for some visual interest, and stamped a coral pattern from BM-501. 

This look, while a bit less whimsical, is no less interesting! It reminds me a beautiful antique woven blanket, and that strip of chrome adds so much magic! I reverse stamped this image from Curali 12, and again I attempted a guided freehand of these chevrons using the image as a template, this has to be one of my all time favs! Which of these looks is your favorite? What would you create with these shades? Well you might have a chance to show me! If you head over to Square Hue's Instagram page they're giving away 5 of these boxes! Don't miss out on my favorite subscription box! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SquareHue Celebrate Freedom America

After I shared last month's SquareHue Adventure Collection box with you, I was stoked to hear that they wanted to send me July's as well! At first glance it's a red, white and blue box, which makes perfect sense! But upon further inspection there's a lot more going on that is going to be really exciting regardless of the season! My favorite shade in the box is Fireworks, a berry red jelly loaded with holographic micro glitter, shown here with only two coats.

I prefer this squishy look but you could add a third coat to deepen the color or hide more of the (barely visible) nail line! This had a fantastic formula that went on easily, wasn't sticky like jellies can be, and dried pretty smoothly for a glitter! Not at all a topcoat eater, I only used one thin coat of it here. I was surprised to find this finish in a subscription box, and I absolutely love the Adventure Collection's tendency toward bold and unique colors! Definitely very me! I was also surprised by the next shade, Independence! I read that this was a navy creme but in my opinion it's got more of a crelly finish which I absolutely love! I show it here with two coats but again you could build up for a full creme finish.

I just can't get over that squishy feel and those green undertones in this unusual navy! The last shade in the box is another stunner called Stars. A tough one to describe, but I would have to say it's a dove white with pink undertones and beautiful iridescent green shimmer that while camera shy, is pretty noticeable in person. I will be using this as a nail art base all the time! Like most white polishes, this was a three coater, but the formula was excellent with no streaks or gooping!

Hopefully you can see that shimmer a bit in the macro! Even though this is only my second box I feel like I can safely say SquareHue does a great job putting these together. Each one is like perfect mini collection and I always feel compelled to use them together. I started with a simple, everyday striped look that was intended as just a base, but I had to stop and photograph it because I thought it was perfectly fabulous on its own!

Again I am smitten with those squishy finishes, especially over the white base. I made the stripes with striping tape on my mat, but since I can never leave well enough alone I added some cute nail art over top!

The stamping polish here is Hit the Bottle I Blue It All On Polish, haha, and those cute little flowers are from ÜberChic Beauty Collection 6! The second look I created with this box was directly inspired by all of your beautiful negative space manis on Instagram this past week! I was completely blown away and had been brainstorming a few different ideas when I settled on another striped look.

It finally came together after I found a picture of a striped leather clutch, but in the end it reminds me of the state fair in the summer! Either way I really enjoyed showing off some skin. Again I created these using striping tape on my mat! What sort of looks would you create with this box? Let me know in the comments and I will see you guys soon!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Make-Up Smooshys ft Born Pretty

Hey friends, sorry it has been slow around here but I am getting ready to take a two week trip to California and naturally there is so much to get done before take-off early next week! I did get a chance to put another review together for you though, this time I have BPL-024 from Born Pretty Store. This has to be another one of my favorite floral plates! I swatched a few of my favorite images for you here.

I really loved the negative space images on this plate, surprise surprise! And since I haven't had a chance to do a smoosh in quite some time I thought that would be the perfect way to show these off! I used Three different Zoya polishes with this lotus flower image; Flora, Liv and Zara with one of my favorite indie stamping polish brands, Hit the Bottle. That gorgeous lavender is I Lilac it Like That. They have the cutest names!

For this next look I had been dying to do an olive green smoosh mani so I got out three of my China Glaze olives that my bestie Delia sent me; we've got Budding Romance, Trendsetter, and Westside Warrior here. Though the colors are a bit close together in shade, I love the dimension that the smoosh adds to this mani! I used Mundo de Uñas Gold to stamp this one.

As I have come to expect with Born Pretty Store plates, I had no issues picking up images and everything was etched perfectly. I absolutely love their packaging too, it's so pretty! Unfortunately my pics of the plate accidentally got deleted, but you can check out their pretty sleeves in my previous blog post here. If you feel the same way and find yourself on a shopping spree, feel free to use my code JUSQ10 on any full priced items in the store. I hope you guys love these manis! Catch you later! 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Born Pretty Store Nail Art

Hooray, my second press pack from Born Pretty Store arrived and I have a few goodies to share with you this week! I was most excited about this plate that I have seen so many of you using and absolutely love the images from! Check out BPL-029!

It's full of awesome, detailed floral images; some negative space, some great for leadlighting and reverse stamping! I swatched a few of my favorites for you here.

I know a lot of you are well past tulip season this year, but I had to use this set of images from the plate because I love the coordinating single images that can be used with the larger pattern! I went with a rustic mustard base, El Corazon No 423/263, reverse stamped with Mundo de Uñas Brick and Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and leadlighted the tulips with Julep Poppy. I like the retro feel of this, and my florals have to be retro. 

For this next look I wanted to use the morning glories from BPL-029. Some of my earliest memories include walks through morning glory covered alleyways in San Diego, so I still have warm thoughts when I see them! This mani was pure luck because Zoya Ibiza and Julep Sherri matched one another pefectly! I started with another wonderful cream base from El Corazon, NO 423/261. Then I reverse stamped with Mundo de Uñas Present and added a hint of detail to the flowers with Sinful Colors Dream on and Zoya Genesis. I could have rocked this look for days!

I can't say enough good things about this plate, even the finest of lines had no issues picking up, and there were no tricky open spaces in the negative space images! I can't wait to check out the next plate in the pack as it's another of my long time Born Pretty Store favs. Hope you enjoyed these manis, if you feel effectively enabled, feel free to use my code JUSQ10 for ten percent off full priced items at Born Pretty Store; you can find the link in the sidebar. If you love my blog and nail art, you can support me by clicking the Join Site button on the right! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Square Hue Sail Windward Islands

I had been seeing Square Hue all over the place for quite some time so I was super psyched when they generously sent me their most recent box to review. 

The Adventure collection is full of bold and unique shades and June's box, Sail Windward Islands, is no exception. I can't tell you how much I love each and every one of these shades, so let me just show you instead!

The box comes with two shimmers and one cream polish. This is Martinique, a glow from within shade of lime with a squishy jelly base and flashy gold shimmer. Shown here with three coats, but you could definitely get away with two. I just prefer to build a bit of depth for maximum effect with shades like this! Honestly one of the most beautiful greens in my collection, and the application was a dream!

Another magnificently glowy shade, St. Vincent also has a jelly base in a juicy blood orange shade with a finer, but still flashy gold shimmer! I just don't really have words for how gorgeous this is, the saturation on this one is so intense and eye catching, and I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot but it's one of the prettiest oranges I own! I am showing it here with three coats, two would work, and again the application was smooth as butter!

Last we have St. Lucia, a delicious mango yellow that leans orange. It's a super unique shade that makes my mouth water! I have a thing for unusual yellows and this saturated creme hits the spot. Although the formula on this one was a little thick, I didn't find that too unusual for a highly pigmented yellow creme like this, and it went on easy with full coverage in only two coats! 

This collection was so excellently arranged I just had to show how well the colors played together in a mani, so I did some reverse stamping! These brights made me think of mosiacs, and I went with a couple of tiled looks.

These tiles are from ÜberChic Beauty Collection 9 and I used Mundo de Uñas White to stamp. Even though this one isn't quite perfect, I think it shows how fabulously these polishes complement one another!

This look is definitely my favorite and I like to save the best for last! Here I used a floral tile image from MoYou London Pro 6, and skittled it up so that each color could stand out! I could have worn this for days! So summery, so retro! The best part about Square Hue is that they give back! Currently they are donating a portion of their profits to The A21 Campaign to fight human trafficking. You'll want to check out their site for more info, but you can feel good about picking up a subscription or just a few polishes! I know I am definitely going to be back for more!