Friday, March 10, 2017

Night Owl Lacquer Dreaming of Green

Press Sample

It's been a while but I'm back! I know I say this a lot but I truly do have the most exciting thing EVER (in my humble little opinion) to share with you! Lindsay of Night Owl Lacquer has released another stunning collection, but this time they're ALL green! You guys know that green, especially olive, is my favorite color; and Lindsay has created some of the most amazing green polishes I've ever seen for the Dreaming of Green collection! Scroll through for my swatches and nail art; and you'll find all the info you could ever need at the end of this post!

New Beginnings is a rich dark olive loaded with copper shimmer and flakes. It has a beautiful glow from within quality and a fantastic formula! I've shown it here with two coats and topcoat.

Wildflower Meadows is spring in a bottle! This mossy olive shade has a lighter and brighter base than New Beginnings, and it's got the most interesting mix of purple and violet shimmer; with light pink, dark pink and blue holo shreds. I have never seen ANYTHING like this color, and I couldn't begin to contain my audible squee. It's definitely my favorite from the collection and one I think all of my Olive Polish friends will fiend for! Again I've shown it here with two coats and topcoat, and the formula is absolute perfection!

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It is a perfect clover green with a massive amount of subtly shifty micro flakes that go from gold to green, and a generous splash of scattered holo. This one really dances on the nails! Shown with two easy coats and topcoat, it's got that same awesome formula I've come to expect from Lindsay!

My god... Feeling Lucky is so pretty it hurts me! This bright lime green jelly is packed full of iridescent glitters and it's UV reactive so it glows under black lights! You can even leadlight with this one and you know I absolutely love that! This formula was slightly thicker to suspend all those gorgeous glitters, but it's so easy to use and glides right on in two easy coats!

Lastly, renewal is a shimmery mint green loaded with gold micro flake and some loud gold shimmer. I was worried with this light shade I might need more coats, but again I've just used two here! I thought this one would make a perfect base for some nail art.

I just got back from my Southwest road trip and I always have succulents on the brain! Haha. I love these fun and funky images from Curali Stamping, and have been dying to use them! Feeling Lucky made a perfect cactus color and I used Jack-O-Lantern and Bitch I'm a Unicorn for the little potted plant and the flowers. For those of you wondering the stamping colors are Brick and Sorbet by Mundo de Uñas!

And finally in the spirit of the season I bring you the entire Night Owl Lacquer Dreaming of Green Collection in one fabulous mani! Lead lighting and glitter placement on the accent nail, with reverse stamped negative space clover decals. I can't say enough wonderful things about Painted Polish Stamped in Stone, which I used for the accent nail here as well as for my stamping. Stamped in Clay is under Feeling Lucky as well, to add some depth!

I know this collection is going to excite so many of you, especially my ugly-pretty sistahs, so here's what you need to know! The Dreaming in Green launch is this evening at 10pm MST, and the polishes are $9 each, or you can save by ordering the full collection for $42! If you love your greens like I do, it's definitely the way to go. Each one of these are completely magical! You're always welcome to use my code BHN10, to save a little extra on your order as well! Be sure to give me follow here so that you never miss a Night Owl launch. Until next time, my loves!

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Night Owl Lacquer Launch About Love

 Press Sample

My friends, I have not been this excited about a post in a very long time! Valentine's Day is upon us and not only is the Night Owl Lacquer Love Trio  rocking my fragile little world, but this is a holiday I take very seriously. I take LOVE very seriously you guys, so there are a couple of very special manis in this post and I hope they inspire you to share some love too! If you don't much care for all that emosh talk you can find everything you need to about tonight's launch, including how to save on your order, at the very end of this post! Onto the glorious polishes!

Do you see that juicy squish? Love is absolute perfection, a saturated berry red jelly base packed with sliver holo shreds and magic. I applied two easy coats for this swatch, and the formula had me swooning!

Love-Hate is the perfect anti-valentine polish. She is dark and tumultuous, oh, and sexy as hell! Again you have that perfect two coat formula, but this time with a black jelly base that's loaded with red holo micro glitters, red holo shreds and silver flecks. 

I'm not sure, but I may have died and come back from the other side to tell you about how incredible Unicorn Love is. I don't even know if I can properly tell you, but I did my best with these photos! This has got to be my favorite; that depth, that glitter mix! Another fabulous two coater with a deep purple jelly base scattered with a mixture of blue, pink and violet holo shreds. You guys know what I like to do with jellies, don't you?

Yup! I got my leadlight on! I used a plate from Clear Jelly Stamper and laid a base of white hearts, then filled them in using Love and Unicorn Love, and lastly I stamped the pretty lace over top. I was so thrilled with how forgiving these layering images were,  and I can't wait to play with more of them! How about some love to outshine that hate?

I used Love and Unicorn Love as a base for this very special valentine mani. A couple of weeks ago I lost a good friend of mine far too soon. She dearly loved her husband, her cats, and her tattoos; Pusheen being among her favorites. So I'd like to dedicate this nail art to Jeremy Luka; in loving memory of the tender hearted Melissa Luka. I created this little valentine using MoYouLondon Suki 03 and Mundo de Uñas stamping polishes for the decal work. That concludes the Love Trio you guys, but I saved something super exciting for last!

This Facebook group custom called The Fire Within is releasing tonight along with the trio, and it's pretty special to me because well... I NAMED it! I was inspired by the women's marches and the glowing embers coming out of that cloudy base. My suggestion went to a poll and emerged victorious, woot! Not only am I giddy about having a hand in the naming, but greys are a favorite of mine and this one from Lindsay is superb! Another dream to apply, this shade is also opaque in two easy coats and is packed full of silver flake, red shimmer and red holo shreds. 

I tried to go extremely literal with this nail art, and thankfully these images from the MoYouLondon Punk collection really expressed everything I wanted to say. That fire is burning in all of our hearts, and the world needs you to love fiercely! Valentine's Day isn't just about mushy stuff, you know. Haha. The ribcage and heart, and hearts made of ribcages, were given their fiery glow using the same technique I used to create my birch trees, which you may remember! I put a few dots of Mundo de Uñas Reddish and Hit the Bottle Tangerine Scream onto the images, dragged my liner brush through and then scraped delicately and minimally. Do you guys love this as much as I do? It might be my favorite look I have put together in some time, but you know I love the weird ones. Let me know what you think! 

The Love Trio and The Fire Within launch tonight at 10pm MST, so you don't have to wait long to get these pretties in your wanty little hands. I highly encourage you to join us in Night Owls Just Want to get Lacquered Up, so you don't have to miss out on The Fire Within! It's magical, my friends. Don't forget, you're always welcome to use my code BHN10 to save a chunk of change on your order! Just in case you needed a little further enabling! I truly hope you guys enjoyed this post, and that you have a lovely Valentine's Day celebrating love in all its forms. Until next time!